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About Us

We are a company made up of technology experts and payment processing professionals who have enjoyed great success in the business of developing comprehensive payment solutions, UX optimization strategies, and large-scale web projects on a global basis for more than 15 years.

Greg Berard and Rene Siegl are the key members of our management board. Greg has been in the payment space since the late 1990s. Currently based in Los Angeles, Greg has also lived and worked in Germany and England over the years, while building and operating a payments business that currently processes more than $1 Billion annually in credit card and alternative payments for merchants. Rene heads up our Europe division from Vienna, Austria and has made a career of successfully developing and optimizing large scale, web based projects, beginning more than a decade and a half ago when he built and sold a large hosting business at age 20. Rene has built a full group of companies out of this and now utilizes his extensive background in IT services and customer support to help merchants to optimize their business processes and profits.

Rene and Greg have enjoyed success collaborating in recent years to help merchants from various categories make more money, and they are both certain that the Purchased.at venture, which has been over a year in careful development, has the potential to change an entire industry for the better. That’s why they have made a significant monetary investment together, and their dedicated team has developed a very compelling solution for the e-commerce world.

Purchased.at’s single integration platform gives e-commerce companies access to a multitude of online and mobile payments and at the same time they no longer have to worry about complying with EU VAT regulations or handling customer billing support. Built by engineers with years of experience in the payment service provider space, purchased.at can be integrated within hours and allows vendors to launch new products and projects very quickly.

The Purchased.at system removes the hurdles and obstacles surrounding global payment acceptance. From the small home based operator who sells a few items per month to larger enterprises who want to test out new markets quickly on a volume basis, the flexible Purchased.at system works amazingly well for all sizes. We can even support merchants who want to outsource 100% of their international sales; just ask us how.

Our highly experienced international Team is based in Los Angeles, California and Vienna, Austria and can often be seen attending various e-commerce related trade events around the world. We are often asked to serve as expert panelists, discussing what is next in international payments and the associated technology. We love to connect with our clients in person. Let us know when and where you’ll be available for a visit in person. Contact us to set up a time to talk about the Purchased.at advantages.

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