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What is purchased.at?

If you sell digital goods or services, purchased.at is the easiest way to accept global payments. One simple integration gives you access to a huge variety of international payment methods. In addition to that, purchased.at acts as merchant of record and handles all payment-related customer queries for you.

What do I need to do in order to accept payments through purchased.at?

Simply set up your project here, then create your items and select your desired payment methods. Our aim is to provide the quickest turn-around time for technical integration anywhere, and you can find our guide here.

What advantages do I have as a purchased.at vendor?

In addition to the simple setup and one easy integration for 200+ of payment methods, by becoming a purchased.at vendor, you completely outsource everything billing-related to us. That means you don’t need to worry about the different VAT rates in different EU countries, issuing invoices to your customers or even handling customer queries pertaining to their payment. This way, you can focus on things like keeping your product competitive and marketing it effectively.

What does it mean for my customers if they make a payment through purchased.at?

Firstly, they will have access to all the payment methods you’ve opted for when you set up your project. Secondly, on our payment page, they will clearly see that they are making a purchase from us, accept our end customer ToCs and also see our support information. Thirdly, they will see our name on their statement (sometimes together with yours), making sure that they reach our support center with any billing-related questions.

What does purchased.at cost ?

Signing up for purchased.at is absolutely free. There are no setup or monthly fees, only if your project sees transactions, the fees of your selected payment methods plus our platform fee are due. You can see those fees here.

I’ve already integrated other payment systems, can I still use purchased.at ?

Of course you can! We’re happy to show you what we can do, even if you only want to try it out and in principle, you can even offer your customers the same payment method twice - we hope that our offerings will soon convince you to use purchased.at exclusively.

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